Hello Springtime

Spring Clean-Up a Week Project
Inspired by spring, I’ve started a What Will I Clean Out This Week project. First up: The Bad Drawer. Not to be confused with the Hell Drawer (which is another drawer entirely). I tossed 10 years’ of self-addressed mailing labels (from World Wildlife, Humane Society, college of your choice… ¬†Also gone are several bottles of outdated sunscreen (the date had worn off a few, so I figured … toss) plus a stack of takeout menus from 2001. Found: the keys to our bike locks. Still missing: the locks themselves. Tune in next week to answer the question What’s next? Under the bathroom sink (AHHH!)? The linen closet (horror!)? Hmm.


3 thoughts on “Hello Springtime

  1. Michael Everitt

    Very funny!

  2. Cindy Lambert

    I can relate to the rating of the drawers…

  3. love the drawers!

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