This Week’s Cleanup

This week I attempted to straighten out the drawer in my desk in the bedroom, which mostly I use to stack stuff on. Normally, I wouldn’t open this drawer at all, but I was in search of a photo of my 68 Camaro and my dad. Where is that photo? I did not find it in the drawer. But I did find: More address labels (what is it with me and throwing these out? Is it that I never know if they’re recyclable or not?). Also found: My package of staples, which I keep in the same staple box I’ve had since the 1970s. A Canadian $2 bill. Also, the original photo of our house on the realtor’s ad (the kind they leave out at open houses). I crossed out the price, I notice, as if trying to block it from my memory. I like the note about 2 updated bathrooms. I wonder what they meant by updated (working? well, yes.). The house looks much homier now, thankfully. Finally, I found several multiuse bus tickets from 1994 marked La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland, home to the cleanest darn buses in the world. Mais Oui! Favorite find: Pixel’s baby picture, when we got her from the SD shelter. She’s now approaching 18 (which in cat years, is something like 405). Tune in next week to see what falls on my head when I clean out the pantry. Will it be a bottle of olive oil, and will it be Spanish or Italian. Which hurts more?


One thought on “This Week’s Cleanup

  1. Very impressive projects. I wish I could bring myself to do this kind of deep cleaning/organization. Maybe you can help me. :o)

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