Please Enjoy My Writing Schedule for Today

Writing Schedule for Monday Morning

Start up computer

Prepare to work on novel by setting out pens, notebook.

Feed cats

Change water in cat fountain

Check e mail

Check headlines

Do not open articles as this now costs money

Read through Facebook

Check Twitter

Get sweater from bedroom

Play with cat on bed

Make black tea

Wait while water boils

Sit down with tea at computer

Open New Novel folder

Open Outline document

Open drapes

Open windows

Answer political survey phone call from a machine voice. Hang up on voice.

Why are the voices always named Susie?

Check e-mail

Review previous notes made on outline

Print out a related file of notes made some time ago and nearly forgotten

Make reservation for weekend stay

Check Facebook

View French cat video posted on Facebook

Share video with husband

Readjust cat in lap

Check e-mail

Listen to husband giggle in his office as he watches cat video

Look at Outline document. Make notes about main character becoming a prominent figure at the end but having a heck of a time the rest of the way.

Take allergy medicine

Switch to blueberry tea

Print out directions for Saturday trip to Stanford.

Share directions via email to friend going along.

Share cat video with friends on Facebook.

Google for previous French cat video

Watch that video

Realize sound has been turned off, and rewatch both videos.

Get juice

Check calendar

Check weather report for weekend

Refill tea

Admire bird in nest outside window. Share moment with cat

Check clock. Note time till lunch.

Look at outline again. Make notes on challenges main character will face/overcome

Note no new email yet

What role will character’s email play in novel?

Consider which would be better: more juice or more tea

Develop love interest for main character. Detail her quirkiness and allergies.

Minor character in book is overly fond of allergy shots

Change to raspberry tea

Wash juice glass

Does love interest wear mostly skirts or pants?

Check to see if email program is still working or stuck

Take Vitamin C

Check baseball game starting time for tonight

Make list of names for love interest

Pauline? Ponder sound of P names. Poppy (could be her name and her allergy)

2 new tweets

Consider M names: Morgan, Maisy, Melanie,

Consider putting in a load of laundry

Make sure cat’s water fountain is bubbling properly

C names: Cindy, Callie, Cat

Read email from Shannon


Could character’s name be Shannon?

Decide against doing laundry

Look at outline. Try to add one fresh idea to outline.

1 tweet

Characters will be anti smartphone

Comfort older cat crying for no identifiable reason

Look for large drawing pad to make a storyboard kind of outline.

Check to see who’s on Fresh Air today

No idea where that drawing pad is

Phones will play a role in novel: They will be evil. They will be lost and characters won’t care. They will not be highly regarded except by characters I make fun of. Really nasty characters carry more than one phone; wear two Bluetooth sets (Blueteeth?)

Consider early lunch

What will main character’s favorite foods be? What will he do for lunch, for example?


One of main character’s main friends is a vegan. Or maybe they all are. Adds good tension.

One character goes to Whole Foods every day and mixes the soups together for his lunch (character flaw). Others appalled, but curious.

Everyone in main character’s office is writing a novel.

Love interest has soup phobia

Get more tea

Does main character drink coffee or tea? Not coffee. Everyone but him drinks coffee.

Does love interest drink coffee? Allergic to coffee?

Possible chapter title: Tell Your Healthcare Provider Right Away If You Experience Any of These Symptoms.

Imagine myself having afternoon breakthrough on novel, hugging agent

Main character’s problems will be compounded by gossip from other people’s blogs.

At one point in novel, someone in main character’s waiting room forgets to turn off cell phone

There’s a special seat for these people

Take break for lunch (after final email check, 4 new tweets)







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